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About World ID Check
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About World ID Check
World DLA International has developed a proprietary online knowledge-based identity authentication system that instantly verifies identity documents of individuals who are conducting any activity that requires proof of identity.

The authentication process is simple, inexpensive and immediate; eliminating the inconvenience experienced by individuals required to wait for results.

Plus - World DLA International does not retrieve or store data and therefore complies with privacy laws and poses no vulnerability to computer system hackers.

Identity fraud is the world's fastest growing crime. Based on survey results published by the Council of Better Business Bureau, identity fraud affects approximately 10 million Americans at a cost of nearly $60 billion annually.

Research proves that the most effective way to authenticate a person's identity is through direct link to live databases to verify and to ask questions that only they could answer accurately.

Further research demonstrates that law-abiding people will give permission to authenticate their identity if there is legitimate rationale and the process of authentication can be performed quickly. (i.e. within seconds)

World DLA International's proprietary, instant authentication solutions empower
commercial, industrial, and government sectors to authenticate consumer ID's with their permission, quickly and accurately.

With Worldwide Headquarters in Bermuda and operations in the USA and Canada, World DLA International is developing a global network of localized authentication solutions. This will enable businesses and governments located throughout the world to instantly authenticate any ID from virtually anyone at anytime.

Leading identity technology with the first global solution to identity fraud with no borders
World ID Check