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October 1, 2008
Insight Group Holdings inc. has acquired World DLA International. ...More news as the situation unfolds.

January 15, 2007
World DLA International signs a contract with a major US firm to do sales and marketing, projections are expected to reach record highs.

December 5, 2006
(Buffalo, NY, December 4, 2006) - Downtown Buffalo is now home to the world headquarters of a sophisticated digital security system. News 4's Alysha Palumbo shows us how World DLA will help everyone from border security agents to retail clerks verify people's identities.

November 29, 2006
World DLA International achieves ISO 9001:2000 Registration.

November 23, 2006
World DLA US has open house scheduled for December 4, 2006.

November 17, 2006
World DLA Canada becomes a member of the CCMTA and World DLA US becomes a member of the AAMVA.

October 11, 2006
World's First Instantaneous Web-Based ID Authentication System Goes Live.

September 27, 2006
World DLA US opens the doors to the newly constructed office at 2100 Main Place Tower.

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