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About World ID Check
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About Us
World DLA International is part of the fast growing global security industry. We are a group of licensed companies dedicated to tackling the global problem of identity fraud by introducing the world's first instantaneous, knowledge-based identity authentication system.

The ID authentication technology is patent pending and is intended to span the globe for fast, accurate determination of authenticity of presented identification documents, on demand for commercial, industrial, and government sectors.

World DLA International completed four levels of study to determine the market predictions for North America. Studies to date include direct contact and reviews of major clients, governments, associations and referrals in sectors including tool and car rental, major retail chains, banks, car dealerships, building security contractors, etc.

Our growth projections are being based on sound determination, quantum studies for markets and key leadership by our parent company. We will strive for global use of ID authentication technology so that identification from anyone anywhere in the world can be authenticated.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to improve value for our shareholders by applying strong technical expertise and a visionary business strategy within management abilities of World DLA International.

Leading identity technology with the first global solution to identity fraud with no borders
World ID Check